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An hour long initial consultation, to include a physical, complete history and discussion of symptoms.  Dr. Bradshaw will explain testing and treatment options.

There are 3 testing options most commonly used:

1. Saliva which also gives very accurate results of cortisol levels and how stress may be

2. A 24 hour urine has the ability to evaluate hormone metabolites.

3. Blood test have been referred to as a snapshot of the hormone function but is used when a patient prefers.

There are advantages to all 3 depending on what Dr. Bradshaw determines to be the best
options to obtain the results she needs.

After an hour with Dr. the patient will spend about 30 minutes with the medical
assistant reviewing the specific test to be done.

Each patient will have their own unique hormone profile that will be discussed at their
follow up visit. Treatment options will then be decided upon. A compounding
pharmacy will create the specific prescription for the patient’s individual
needs.  It is important to remember that because treatment is so individual the dosage may need to be adjusted before all symptoms are resolved.